Email: Keeping Your UT Email Account After Retirement


Faculty and staff who retire from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, including the Institute of Agriculture and the Space Institute, UT System Administration, and Institute of Public Service, with ten years of service, are eligible for continued access to email. New retirees can start the process online with Benefits and Retirement.

  • Staff Retirees* can apply for continued access to UT email; however, their email address will change to a email address. Non-email NetID services are not included.
    *Retirees with active appointments in IRIS will retain the use of their UT email and NetID. Departments can sponsor NetIDs for retirees who continue to serve the university; sponsored accounts must be renewed annually.
  • Emeritus and Retired Faculty can apply for continued access to UT email and NetID services.

Retirees, who are also UTK alumni, can choose to have an alumni email account. Learn more about Alumni email at, and call the OIT HelpDesk to get started.

If you do not request to have your account retained, Knoxville-area faculty and staff will retain UT Microsoft 365 and Google accounts for 30 days after leaving the university. Access to other NetID services, such as MyIRIS and online pay statements, will remain available for 365 days after leaving UT.


Fill out the Email Request Form located online at


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