Turn On Live Subtitles and Captions in PowerPoint from Microsoft 365

Do you want to make your presentations better understood by everyone in the room? Some of your students may be a native speaker in another language or have difficulty hearing when you have a soft-spoken guest. Live Captions and Subtitles in PowerPoint can provide captions for your presentation in the same language you are speaking or translate it into another language in real-time! This feature is only available when using PowerPoint in Microsoft 365 or in the app downloaded from Microsoft 365. It is not available on the PowerPoint enterprise license desktop app.

Please note: the live captions and subtitles are not accurate enough to replace closed captions for people with disabilities. For more information on subtitles check out our asynchronous Canvas training on Recording Your PowerPoint.
How to turn on Live Captions & Subtitles:

  1. Open PowerPoint Presentation in PowerPoint on Microsoft 365
  2. Navigate to the Slide Show menu 
  3. Select the Always Use Subtitles option

  1. Choose where you would like the Subtitles to appear 

  1. After selecting the location of the Subtitles, navigate to the Spoken Language options
  2. Select the Spoken Language from the menu of options
  3. Next, choose the Subtitle Language for the translation

  1. After selecting the Subtitle Language, test your presentation to make sure your microphone is working. Start the slide show and begin speaking. 


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