Articles (14)

Canvas: Add a Banner to a Course Site

How to add a banner to a Canvas course site.

Canvas: Add Emoji to Module Title

How to add an emoji to a module title.

Canvas: Add Flip to a Course

How to add Flip (formerly Flipgrid) to a Canvas course.

Canvas: Add Image to Course Card

How to add an image to a Canvas course card

Canvas: Combine/Merge Course Sites

How to cross-list Canvas courses.

Canvas: Copy Course Materials

How to copy a Canvas course.

Canvas: Copy/Paste Content

How to copy/paste within a Canvas course.

Canvas: Course Quota Space

Information about Canvas course quota space.

Canvas: Course Start and End Dates

Information about Canvas start and end dates.

Canvas: Incorporate Video into Course Site

How to incorporate video into a course site.

Canvas: Obtain and Import UTK Course Template

How to obtain and import the UTK Canvas Course Template.

Canvas: Rename Course

How to rename a Canvas course

Canvas: Use Badges in a Course

How to use badges in Canvas.

Canvas: Using Copyright Protected Materials in a Course Site

Information about using copyright-protected materials in Canvas courses.