Canvas: Obtain and Import UTK Course Template


A UTK Canvas Course Template can be downloaded in Canvas. 

​​The UTK Canvas Course Template may be updated on rare occasions, for example, to include an updated Campus syllabus. You have the option to update the Template that was previously imported into your Canvas course. However, before proceeding, please consider the following. If you update the Canvas Course Template for a course into which you previously imported the Template, your edits to the Template’s imported, original content will be lost


How to download and import the UTK Canvas Course Template

  1. Log in to Online@UT (Canvas).
  2. Select the Commons icon in the grey navigation bar underneath the Power T.
  3. In the search box, enter UTK Canvas Course Template.
  4. Select the course card to see a preview.
  5. Select Import/Download button.
  6. In the pop-out window, place a checkmark next to the course site you wish to import the template into.
  7. Select the Import into Course button.


How to update the UTK Canvas Course Template

  1. Click the Commons icon in the gray navigation menu.
  2. Select the Updates link.
  3. If you imported the resource into more than one course, you can select which course(s) you want to update. All courses will be selected by default. To select or deselect a course for an update, click the checkbox next to the course name.
  4. To update your resource, click the Update or Update selected button. Updating your resource will replace your current resource.
  5. To confirm, click the Yes button.



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