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Pinned Article WiFi: Turn Off Private Addresses on iOS or Android

How to turn private addresses off or on for a network on your iOS or Android device.

iOS: Find the MAC Address of iPhone or iPad Device

Finding the MAC address of your iOS or iPadOS device.

Mac: Update Your Eduroam Password in Keychain Access

How to update your eduroam password in Keychain.

WiFi: Connect to the eduroam Wireless Network | Chromebook & Chrome OS

Connect a Chromebook (or other Chrome OS device) to the eduroam wireless network.

WiFi: Connect to the eduroam Wireless Network | Windows or macOS

Eduroam is the University's secure wireless network. It is a world-wide roaming access service developed for the international research and education community.

WiFi: Delete a Wireless Network from a List of Available Networks

How to delete a wireless network from a list of available networks.