Accounts & Access Management

Accounts and access requests, such as password resets, Duo 2FA, locked/disabled accounts, other account & access related requests.

Services (9)

NetID Password Help

Help to change or reset your password. This request must be submitted by the account holder or owner.

Duo Two-Factor Authentication

Request help with Duo, our two-factor authentication application.

NetID Account Requests & Updates

Use this form to:
- Request a NetID for a person
- Request to Sponsor a person for OIT Services
- Request a NetID for a department or organization
- Request a change to an existing department or organization

Accounts & Access Management

Not sure what's wrong with your account? Start here.

Duo Two-Factor Hardware Token Request

Request a two-factor hardware token if you do not have a smartphone.

Sponsor a Person for OIT Services

Submit a request to handle special circumstances, such as adding a new employee who needs services immediately, providing access to a contractor or other person not paid through the University payroll system, or creating an account for a campus department or organization.

UT Authentication Services Request

Do you want to use one of UT’s authentication services for your apps? OIT manages and supports LDAP, Active Directory, CAS, and Shibboleth.

Websites & Hosting

OIT provides server space to faculty, staff, and students for personal or organizational web hosting and online storage. This includes:
- Linux-based web hosting
- OIT-Supported WordPress
- SharePoint Online and Campus Intranet
- Vanity URLs / Virtual Host (Example: [sitename] or [sitename]
- MySQL Databases