NetID Account Requests & Updates


Although students and employees are added to the online directory automatically through regularly scheduled updates, there may be a time lag. Submit a request to handle special circumstances, such as adding a new employee who needs services immediately, providing access to a contractor or other person not paid through the University payroll system, or creating an account for a campus department or organization.

Use this form to: 

  • Request a NetID for a person
  • Request to Sponsor a person for OIT Services
  • Request a NetID for a department or organization
  • Request a change to an existing department or organization (Owner Change)

Requests for multiple NetIDs or Sponsorships may be made by filling out the form and including a spreadsheet as defined below. 

  • If the spreadsheet does not include PII: Attach the spreadsheet at the bottom of the form. 
  • If the spreadsheet includes PII, such as SSN's or DOB: Create the ticket through this form, then send the spreadsheet via UT Vault to, including the Ticket # in the subject line. For the required fields on the form, enter "Spreadsheet sent via vault."
Submit a Request


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