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LISTSERV® owners can request to change, update, or delete an existing LISTSERV® account.

Firewall/VPN requests

Help to change or reset your password. This request must be submitted by the account holder or owner.

Use this form to:
- Request a NetID for a person
- Request to Sponsor a person for OIT Services
- Request a NetID for a department or organization
- Request a change to an existing department or organization

DPM, Legato, TSM; Store your departmental files with OIT. Schedule automatic backups, save multiple file versions and recover files at any time.

By default, all wired network ports restrict access to a single device (defined as a unique MAC address, a.k.a. Ethernet address). If you have a situation that requires the use of multiple MAC addresses behind a single network port, use this form to request an exemption from this policy and describe the reason(s) for your request.

Find resources and training for keeping your information secure.

Faculty members may be issued one (1) HDMI adapter or Persona Voice Amplifier for classroom use.