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See what software is available and find out how to order hardware.

TeamDynamix ticketing and request tracking; service level management and agreements. Request IT Support for your department.

LISTSERV® owners can request to change, update, or delete an existing LISTSERV® account.

Use this form to:
- Request a NetID for a person
- Request to Sponsor a person for OIT Services
- Request a NetID for a department or organization
- Request a change to an existing department or organization

Report a problem or open a request for a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Not sure where to start or can't log in? Submit a ticket with the HelpDesk.

DMS provides text scanning and video clip digitization within copyright standards.

Get help with UT office phones, cell phones, conference calling, and more.

Do you want to use one of UT’s authentication services for your apps? OIT manages and supports LDAP, Active Directory, CAS, and Shibboleth.

Request help with Duo, our two-factor authentication application.

Request video streaming of academic events, such as classes, symposia, or special lectures.

Infrastructure for Scientific Applications & Advanced Computing (ISAAC); Access powerful clusters of computers to run applications that are computationally challenging or data-intensive.

Support for PolicyTech, Policy and Procedure Management Software.

Find resources and training for keeping your information secure.

Get the technology training you need for school, work, teaching, and research.

Microsoft 365 Outlook, Teams, and Groups, Google Gmail and G-Suite, Listserv, & SMTP access.

Data management, analytics, reporting, data central, campus data warehouse, data cookbook, Argos, SAS Business Intelligence.

Help to change or reset your password. This request must be submitted by the account holder or owner.

We provide business analysis, software and technical solutions to benefit UTSA departments when commercial solutions are not readily available, are available at a prohibitive cost, or are available but fail to meet their requirements.

We develop and support tools for Faculty; Elements, Faculty Review, Periodic Post-Tenure Performance Review, & Interfolio Faculty Search.

Request a Windows or Linux virtual machine.