Internet, Networking, & Infrastructure

Wi-Fi and wired internet connectivity, IP Names, and wiring support and requests.

Services (10)

IP Manager Request (IPMGR)

Request Static IP Addresses, CNames, and updates to NetReg Admin.

IP Names & Addresses

Help with Network Registration (NetReg) and DNS/DHCP issues.

Load Balancing Request

Load Balancing Request

Network Port Security Exemption Request

By default, all wired network ports restrict access to a single device (defined as a unique MAC address, a.k.a. Ethernet address). If you have a situation that requires the use of multiple MAC addresses behind a single network port, use this form to request an exemption from this policy and describe the reason(s) for your request.

Network Services

Help with wired, wireless (Wi-Fi), Wide-Area-Network (WAN), VPN, and network cabling.

NS Request for Network Port Activation and Deactivation

Place a departmental order for network port activation or deactivation.