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Zoom: Download Zoom

Instructions for downloading and updating Zoom. ... Instructions Download the Latest Version of Zoom: Go to  Select Download Zoom.  Mobile apps are available in the App Store and the Google Play Store. For the

Zoom: Zoom AI Companion

zoom ... Overview The Zoom AI Companion is now available in the main UT Zoom environment. The Zoom AI Companion includes features such as meeting summary, interactive content creation with new whiteboards

Zoom: Install Zoom on a Chromebook

zoom ... There is a Zoom app offered in the Chrome Web store. Zoom recommends downloading and installing their new Zoom for Chrome PWA application for use with Chromebooks and Zoom. If you have a Chromebook

Zoom: Download Zoom Cloud Recording

How to download a Zoom Cloud Recording. ... zoom ... Overview To download or manage your Zoom Cloud Recordings, log in to your UT Zoom account and access the Recordings menu item. Instructions Go to and select Create or

Zoom: No Webcam

Options for Zoom meeting participants who do not have a webcam. ... zoom ... A webcam is not necessary for the LiveOnline@UT (Zoom) application to engage on your device; however, you may wish to ask the meeting leader if a webcam is required for the meeting.  Participants

Zoom: Notes

zoom ... Zoom Notes is a new feature that allows meeting hosts to create a text note in real-time, add links and images to the note, and then save and share the note with attendees. For best results, be sure

Zoom: Integrate Outlook Calendar with Zoom Meetings

How to integrate your Outlook Calendar with your Zoom meetings. ... zoom ... Jump To Get the Outlook Add-In | In Outlook on the Web | On Windows | On Mac Overview To integrate an Outlook Calendar with Zoom meetings, we recommend the Zoom Outlook Add-In. Please follow

Zoom: Update the Zoom app and prompt to contact IT to proceed

zoom ... Overview Zoom releases application updates often, and we recommend staying up to date with the latest version for your device. On some UT-owned devices, an admin account is required to download

Zoom: Edit Recording

How to edit a Zoom Cloud Recording. ... zoom ... Overview Only Zoom Cloud Recordings can be edited in Zoom. Editing is limited to trimming the beginning and end of a meeting in Zoom. If you need to remove sections in the middle of a meeting or

Zoom: Annotation Toolbar

zoom ... The Zoom Annotation toolbar is available during a share screen activity and may be engaged to mark-up slides or a whiteboard. Access to annotation tools may be shared with participants, and the

Zoom: Activate Microphone

Instructions for activating microphone in Zoom. ... zoom ... There is a microphone symbol located on the meeting toolbar. The microphone (audio) may be active as soon as you join the meeting. However, if there is a red line through the microphone symbol, the

Zoom: System Requirements

zoom ... System Requirements for LiveOnline@UT (Zoom): An internet connection - broadband wired or wireless (3G or 4G/LTE) Speakers and a microphone - built-in or USB plug-in or wireless Bluetooth A

Zoom: Meeting Roles

Information about the different roles available in Zoom meetings. ... zoom ... versions of Zoom, a co-host and an alternative host may manage Breakout Rooms. Roles within the meeting include, A participant is an attendee in the meeting or online classroom. Participants

Zoom: Leave a Meeting

How to leave a Zoom meeting. ... zoom ... Instructions Leave a Meeting as a Host Select End in the lower right corner of the meeting window.  Choose Leave Meeting or End Meeting for All.  If the option to End Meeting for All

Zoom: Invite Participants

How to invite participants to Zoom meetings. ... zoom ... There are several options for inviting participants to a Zoom session. Meeting leaders (hosts) may Copy and paste the meeting link and/or invitation into an email and send to participants prior