How do I invite participants to my LiveOnline@UT (Zoom) meeting?

There are several options for inviting participants to a Zoom session. Meeting leaders (hosts) may

  • Copy and paste the meeting link and/or invitation into an email and send to participants prior to the start of the meeting,
  • Post the meeting link or meeting ID information in a course site,
  • Or, send a link or meeting ID to participants while the meeting is in progress.

Invite Participants Before the Meeting:

After the meeting is scheduled, Zoom provides a meeting link and an invitation that may be copied/pasted into an email. The invitation is available via the Zoom desktop application or the UT Zoom website at The invitation email includes

  • A general text greeting with meeting topic, date, and time (You may change this text and add new text),
  • The meeting link (do not edit the link),
  • And a telephone number in case attendees need to call into the meeting via phone.

To access the Meeting Link or Invitation at any time:

If you do not wish to send the link at the time you schedule the meeting, you can still access the meeting link and email invitation from the Zoom desktop application or the UT Zoom page at

  • Zoom Desktop Application Option
    • Open the desktop application and log in.
    • Select the Meetings icon.
    • Move the mouse over the meeting and select Copy Invitation when the option appears.
    • Paste the copied item into a new email and send the email to your Participants.
  • UT Zoom Page Option
    • Please go to
    • Select Create or Edit Account to log in with a NetID and password.
    • After logging in, choose Meetings from the menu on the left.
    • Locate the meeting on the list, and select the blue title/topic of the meeting to advance to a meeting summary page.
    • Select Copy Invitation and send to meeting participants.

Invite Participants During the Meeting:

Another option is to invite a participant in real-time. Once you start your meeting, select Participants on the meeting toolbar, and then choose Invite to access the meeting link and invite a participant while the meeting is in progress.



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