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K@TE: What is K@TE?

K@TE (pronounced "Kate") is the University of Tennessee's comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS).

K@TE: Available Learning Opportunities

Information about the thousands of learning opportunities available in K@TE.

K@TE: Eligibility

Information about who is eligible to access K@TE.

K@TE: New UT Employees

Information for new UT employees who need to access K@TE.

K@TE: Duo Two-Factor Authentication

Duo two-factor authentication is required to access K@TE.

K@TE: Recommended Internet Browsers

Information about the recommended Internet browsers to access K@TE.

K@TE: Contacts for Questions

Contact information for questions about accessing or using K@TE.

K@TE: How to Learn More

Information for learning more about using K@TE.

K@TE: Differences Between K@TE and Academic Learning Management Systems

Information about K@TE and academic Learning Management Systems at UT, such as Canvas or Blackboard.

K@TE: Updates to Menu Navigation

Information on the updated "Menu" navigation in K@TE.