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Covid-19 Vaccination Verification Form, Influenza Vaccination Verification Form, Outside Interests Disclosure Form, termination requests, PA20, requesting additional pay, recording a pending employee, Student Hire e-Form, Termination e-form, creating a position, ZXFERCHGLOA.

Enter and delete leave requests, record working time, leave certification, approving ESS work items.

Adding attachments, changing document types, changing layouts, creating assets and sub-assets, creating a selection screen variant, creating a vendor, reconciling procurement cards, reconciling electronic ledgers, ZAP_ENTRY, departmental ledgers, internal transfers, invoices.

IRIS inbox, routing, reviewing attachments in the IRIS inbox, tracking workflow history, ZWF_MYWORKFLOW, ZWF_HISTORY.

New IRIS authorizations, creating a substitute, logon balancing error 88, changing name and address in IRIS, passwords.

IRIS training courses, accessing IRIS at home, accessing IRIS through the IRIS web portal, changing themes, Excel, Listserv.

Favorites, help and instruction, installing the IRIS SAPGui desktop application.

Accessing IRIS, online pay statements, editing personal information, IRIS Mobile, pop-ups.

Attendance and absence types, ZCAP, ZCAT, ZTIME, payroll deadlines, enter working time, review working time, approving time outside of workflow.

Changing default printer in IRIS, changing print settings, print to PDF, IRIS designated printer, printing in IRIS Web.

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