Duo 2FA: Add or Remove Devices

Reactivating or Activating a New Phone with the Same Phone Number

If you get a new phone, you will need to restore your Duo account to the new phone before you will be able to sign in. If your app isn't working as expected, you can also use the restore to reactivate your device.

  1. Once you have your new phone, go to 2fa.utk.edu/restore
  2. Log in with your NetID and password and additional verification information.
  3. Select one of the Duo methods to log in. 
    1. Call Me: Call the cell phone number already registered.  Select 7 to approve.
    2. Enter a Passcode: Select ‘Text me new codes’ to receive an SMS message with new temporary codes to the phone number registered.
    3. Send Me a Push (only if you have access to your old device).
      choose an authentication method
  4. IMPORTANT Select ‘Device Options’ for your phone and choose ‘Reactivate Duo Mobile’ and follow the instructions.
    Duo Mobile Restore

    Reactivate Duo Mobile

Removing a Device From Duo

To remove a device from Duo you must still have access to a device that was previously enrolled. If you are no longer in possession of a successfully enrolled device please see the instructions above. 

  1. Sign in to the Duo 2FA Management Portal
  2. Authenticate using a previously enrolled device. 
  3. Click the Device Options button next to the device you want to remove, and then click the trash can button to delete that device. 
  4. Confirm that you want to delete that device and it will be removed from your profile.


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