T-Storage: Map T-Storage (H: and I:) Drives (Windows)

Windows Instructions

  1. Open File Explorer. This can usually be found at the bottom of your screen in the taskbar. Article: Find and open File Explorer?
  2. Select This PC from the left navigation pane.
    • Windows 10: On the Computer tab, select Map network drive.
    • Windows 11: Select the three menu dots, then select Map network drive.
      If the option Map network drive does not appear in the three dots menu, right-click This PC to select the option Map network drive
      Windows 11 Map Network Drive
  3. Select the drive you want to assign the share to, then In the Folder field type in the appropriate address for the share you are trying to connect to. 
    • For your personal home directory (H Drive) use \\tshome.utk.tennessee.edu\home\netid
      **In the path above, replace the text "netid"  with your personal NetID
    • For your departmental directory (I Drive) use \\tstorage.utk.tennessee.edu\depts$
    • Check the box that says Reconnect at Sign-in.
    • Check the box that says Connect using different credentials then click Finish.

  4. Fill out the Windows Security prompt with the following information and click OK:
    Username: utk\NetID
    Password: Your NetID Password

    **In the username above, replace the text "netid"  with your personal NetID

  5. The network share will now show up on your Computer window as a disk drive under your Network Locations.



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