WiFi: Connect to the UT Wireless Network

Wireless Network Availability

To connect to UT's wireless network, you must be in the wireless signal range. Most of the academic and administrative buildings, as well as many other public areas of campus, are covered by wireless.

Connect to the Wireless Network

Step 1 - Choose a Network and Connect

  • ut-open: The unsecured network available to faculty, staff, students, and visitors.  To connect to ut-open, select the network from your device's list of available networks and proceed to the registration page.
  • eduroam: The secure network available to faculty, staff, and students. In addition to wireless access at UT, faculty, staff, and students can obtain Internet connectivity when visiting other participating Eduroam institutions.

Connecting to the eduroam wireless network 

Step 2 - Turn off Private Addresses

Visit the KB Article WiFi: Turn Off Private Addresses on iOS or Android to ensure private addressing for eduroam and ut-open are disabled.

Step 3 - Register Your Device

To connect to the Internet, you must register your device on UT's network after selecting a wireless network. Once connected to the wireless network, your device should automatically open a browser pop-up with the network registration screen. After registration, turn your Wi-Fi off and back on, or reboot your device to connect.

If you do not see the registration pop-up, connect to wireless, then open your device's web browser and navigate to another site such as google.com. You will be automatically redirected to the registration page - http://support.utk.edu/. If you are not directed to the registration page, you can enter the URL http://support.utk.edu manually. Log in and follow the instructions to register. 

For devices that do not have web browsers (such as Microsoft Edge, Safari, Firefox, or Chrome) a manual registration is necessary. The most common type of device to need this would be a gaming console.  See the Gaming Devices page for more information on registering these devices. 

Troubleshooting Your Connection


  1. Check your location. Wireless connectivity is available inside most academic and administrative buildings and in select outdoor locations such as the Pedestrian Mall. However, standing right outside a building, you may still be connected to wireless but with a very weak signal. 
    View the wireless network map
  2. Visit the KB Article WiFi: Turn Off Private Addresses on iOS or Android to ensure private addressing for eduroam and ut-open are disabled.


  1. Remember to sign in with your UT email address and NetID password, not just your Netid or an email alias:
    • Faculty and Staff Login: NetID@utk.edu
    • Student Login: NetID@vols.utk.edu
  2. Follow the OIT Knowledge Base instructions to ensure private addressing for eduroam and ut-open are disabled.
  3. Register for UT's Network before connecting to eduroam. Connect to the ut-open network to register your device on UT's network. Once registered, you can get connected to eduroam.
  4. Macs: You may need to update your Keychain with your eduroam login information. 

Some devices may be incapable of connecting to Eduroam; in that case, they will only see the ut-open network. Remember, ut-open is a non-secure network, similar to what you might use in a restaurant or other public Wi-Fi.


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