New Phone Getting Started Guide

Getting a New Phone?

If you’re planning on getting a new phone soon, here are some recommendations for a smoother experience setting up your new device while staying connected to your campus resources:

Register Your New Phone for Wi-Fi

To access the UT Wi-Fi network on your new phone, you’ll need to disable private addressesthen connect to the network.

Restore Duo

You’ll also need to restore the Duo Mobile app before you can use it on a new device. You can do this yourself by following the instructions that appear when you first open the app, or by going to you’re having problems getting Duo working again, check this article​​​​​​.

Update VolCard

If you use digital VolCard, you may run into issues when trying to get it working on your new phone. Make sure to remove your digital ID from your old phone. Confirm that GET Mobile is installed and signed in on your new phone, and choose the “Add to Wallet” option if it’s available in the app. If this doesn’t work, contact the VolCard office for additional support.

Set Up UT Email

OIT recommends the Outlook mobile app for Microsoft 365 email users and the Gmail mobile app for Gmail email users

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