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Concur is an extension of World Travel Service, the University's travel agency, and is available to faculty and staff to make travel arrangements for business or personal use. Arranging travel via the Concur platform is another option in addition to booking with World Travel agents. While Travelers can work directly with World Travel or through their Concur profile, they can be assisted by support personnel using the Travel Assistant or Arranger role. Guest traveler arrangements can also be made directly with World Travel agents or by using the Concur ‘Book for a guest’ function.

Working Directly with World Travel Services Agents
Contact World Travel to work directly with a travel agent or if you have questions. When booking airfare, travelers are charged a nominal fee of $7 when booking using Concur or $18 when booked by an agent. As a reminder, reimbursement of airfare prior to the trip is only available when tickets are purchased through World Travel or Concur. Also, UT Travel Cards may only be used when booking with World Travel or in Concur.

  • Email with travel questions or experience technical issues with the Concur Travel module, contact with Concur Travel module questions during regular business hours.
  • Call 877-210-8189 at any time or 865-777-1600 for after-hours International needs.

Booking as a Travel Assistant and Arranger
Travelers may allocate access to their Travel (booking) module for assistance in making travel arrangements, including booking travel. See Related Articles for information on setting up a travel assistant or arranger.

The travel assistant/arranger uses the ‘act as other user’ function under the Concur Profile icon in the upper right corner to search for the traveler and Start a Session.

      Screen Shot of Act as a delegate

Launching the session allows the travel assistant to search for travel options, while the travel arranger can book on behalf of the traveler using credit card information from their profile. Travelers will receive notification of any booking completed under their profile.

      Screen shot of booking for a guest

To close the session, click the blue ‘Done acting for others’ button under the Profile to return to the travel assistant/arranger’s Concur profile.

Booking for a Guest
When booking travel for guests visiting the University or beyond conducting business on behalf of the University, the ‘Book for a guest’ function can be used directly from any Concur profile and is located under the TRIP SEARCH area of the Concur landing page

      Screen Shot of book for a guest

After activated, bookings will be prompted for a traveler’s name and contact information. Please note that this approach uses the credit card on the profile or requires one to be entered at the time of purchase.

      Screen shot of book-for-a-guest selected

When using either approach, be sure to complete the booking process that completes at the ‘Finished’ page or Concur considers it incomplete and automatically cancels the entry.

If you have questions or need additional assistance utilizing the University’s travel system, please contact

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