Travel: Profile Setting Recommendations

Concur, the University’s new travel platform, is designed to empower travelers to manage all aspects of their travel from a user-friendly system that is web-based and has an accompanying mobile app. While there are many aspects of a traveler’s profile that can be customized, this guide focuses on key areas that will benefit travelers, and if available, their delegates.

Accessing Your Travel Profile
Visit, enter your UT NetID credentials, and follow DUO two-factor authentication to access Concur. Click the Profile drop-down menu and select Profile Settings to begin updating your account.

Profile Drop - Down Menu Profile Settings Update Account

Personal Information Review  (highly recommended)
Select the Personal Information link to review data populated from the traveler’s HR record, verify their email address, add a Travel assistant (for booking travel only), and add a UT travel card. If a discrepancy in the traveler’s HR data (name, work address, date of birth, etc.) is discovered, complete a personal data form and email to or work through your local HR contact to correct data in IRIS. Updates will automatically flow into Concur overnight. If the middle name is incorrect, contact the Concur administrators at

IMPORTANT: Your Name and Airport Security
Please make certain that the first, middle and last names shown in your traveler profile are identical to those on the photo identification that you will be presenting at the airport. Due to increased airport security, you may be turned away at the gate if the name on your identification does not match the name on your ticket.

Profile Options - Personal Information

Verifying Email Addresses
Concur can accept expense receipts that are emailed to from a verified email address. Delegates can also send receipts to; however, this must include the user's verified email address in the Subject line of the email.

Travelers can verify their default address or add up to four additional addresses, including their delegate(s). Click the blue Verify link for each address to receive a unique verification code to enter in the provided field. Click the blue OK button to complete the process. If a delegate’s email address is added, the delegate must verify under both the traveler’s and their own Concur profile.

Verify and Add Email Address

Assigning Travel Assistants and Travel Arrangers
Travelers may allocate access to their Travel module for assistance in making travel arrangements by clicking the red Add an Assistant link to search for an individual by name or email address. Check the Can book travel for me option to complete the process. This process does not provide delegate access to the Request or Expense module.

Assigning Travel Assistants and Travel Managers

Adding UT Travel Card
Expenses incurred on a UT travel card will automatically populate under the Traveler’s Available Expenses when the card is added to the Credit Card section by clicking the red Add a Credit Card link. Follow the onscreen form to complete the required fields. The cardholder’s office location should be used for the billing address. Travelers may also add a personal credit card, but this is not required. NOTE: It is required to have at least one credit card added to a traveler's profile to book travel with World Travel.

Adding UT Travel Card

Adding Request and Expense Delegates
Travelers can add individuals as delegates to assist them in preparing requests and expense reports. Click on either the Request Delegates or Expense Delegates link from the navigation items to add individuals for both Request and Expense modules. Click the blue Add button to search by name or email address and select the appropriate permission options. It is recommended to select Can Prepare, Can Submit Reports, Can Submit Requests, Can View Receipts, Receives Emails, and Receives Approval Emails.

Please note that these permissions allow delegates to prepare expenses, and prepare and submit requests to travel. However, travelers are required to submit travel or procurement card requests and expense reports.