Travel: Booking Travel with World Travel Service and Concur

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Concur is an extension of World Travel Service, the University's travel agency, and is available to faculty and staff to make travel arrangements for business or personal use. Arranging travel via the Concur platform is another option in addition to booking with World Travel agents. Agents and Concur utilize the same database for searching travel content. Reservations made through Concur are immediately available to agents. Arrangements made through a travel agent are also available to the traveler in Concur. Support individuals that the traveler designates as a travel assist (can review) or arranger (can book), can also assist with arranging travel. Nominal agent fees are charged when booking with an agent ($18) or through the Concur Travel module ($7).

NOTE: When booking airfare with a UT Travel Card, the traveler must book with World Travel or through Concur.  Airfare reimbursement prior to a trip is only available when tickets are purchased through World Travel or Concur.

Contact World Travel to book airfare, lodging and car rentals, or if you have questions.

  • Email: with travel questions during regular business hours
      with Concur Travel module questions during regular business hours
  • Call: 877-210-8189 anytime toll-free. Or 865-777-1680 or 865-288-1915 anytime for after hours or international.  
    • NOTE: Previously listed numbers still function, but do not provide client (UT) information to agents.

Log in to Concur at with your UT NetID credentials with DUO two-factor authentication. Booking services are part of the Travel module.

Please see the World Travel Booking Services document under the Attachments area and Related Articles to learn more about the Travel (booking) module.These resources cover traveler profile updates, adding an assistant, adding a credit card, booking travel, preferred vendors, completing a booking, best practices and more.

screen capture of the travel module landing page.

When booking airfare with a UT travel card, Concur or World Travel must be used.  If a traveler books through Concur or World Travel on their own credit card, they can be reimbursed in advance of the  trip.  However, if the traveler books outside Concur or World Travel, they will not be eligible for reimbursement until after the end of the trip.  

If you have questions or need additional assistance utilizing the University’s travel system, please contact