Travel: Setting Up a Travel Assistant or Arranger

Travelers may allocate access to their Travel (booking) module for assistance in making travel arrangements, including book travel. This process does not provide delegate access to the Request or Expense module. See Related Articles for information on creating a delegate.

Visit, enter your UT NetID credentials, and follow DUO two-factor authentication to access the UT Travel System, Concur.

Click the Profile drop-down menu and select Profile Settings to begin updating your account. Select the Assistants/Arrangers link under Travel Settings from the left-side navigation.

Click the red Add an assistant link to search for an individual by name or email address to assign a Travel Assistant or Travel Arranger role. Travel Assistants will have access to the traveler's profile to explore booking options, while Travel Arrangers can also book travel on behalf of the traveler. Be sure to click the blue Save button before closing the window.

If you have questions or need additional assistance utilizing the University’s travel system, please contact