I'm the leader of a LiveOnline@UT (Zoom) meeting. Why should I log in with SSO and start my meeting?

In our UT Zoom environment, we engage our accounts with a NetID and password. The SSO sign in process (single sign on) is the process that allows for the engagement of the NetID.

  • To engage your UT Zoom account and the features assigned to our license, log in with the SSO option and your NetID. These features include Licensed (Pro) accounts, cloud recording, polling, and more.
  • Also, leaders/hosts of sessions should log in to their UT Zoom account and start the session to claim all host controls. If the leader/host selects the same link to attend the session as the participants, the host could instead join as a participant, and then no one present in the online Zoom meeting would have access to manage the online classroom tools.

If anyone logs into Zoom.us with an email address, a free, Basic level account is assigned to that email address. However, this account is not on our license, and will not have access to the tools and features of our UT Zoom environment.





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Fri 6/11/21 9:36 AM
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