VolCard: Android FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mobile VolCard?

Mobile VolCard is an initiative of the VolCard Office where your smartphone can take on the functionality of your VolCard.  You can use your iPhone, Apple Watch, or Android phone as your Mobile VolCard.  Anywhere you could swipe a card, you will be able to use your smartphone.

Instructions for your Apple devices are available online.  Read on for information about your Mobile VolCard and Android phone.

Can I use my VolCard with my Android phone?

Yes, you can use your VolCard on your Android device.  Add your VolCard to your Android device using the GET app

Getting Started

What are the eligibility and device requirements to use VolCard via Google Pay Wallet?

Active Knoxville-area students, faculty, or staff with a profile picture on file are eligible.

Device Requirements:

  • You can use your VolCard on one device. You cannot use the mobile VolCard on both iOS and Android devices at the same time.
  • VolCard credentials are supported on any NFC-enabled Android Phone running Lollipop 5.0 or higher (most phones sold in the past five years). Mobile VolCards on Android wearables are not supported at this time.

Once installed, how do I sign in to the GET app?

Sign in with your NetID and password to add the VolCard to your digital wallet.  Detailed instructions are available online.

On how many devices can I use my VolCard with Google Pay? 

You can use your VolCard via Google Pay on one Android phone device using the same credentials.

Does having my VolCard in Google Pay cost anything?  

No. The service is provided at no additional cost.

Is a VolCard photo required? 

Yes, you are required to have a photo on file to use your Mobile VolCard. Instructions for photo upload are available online.

Using my Mobile VolCard

Where can I use my Mobile VolCard?

Android users can use your Mobile VolCard in the following locations:

  • UT Residence Halls
  • Sorority Village
  • Dining Services
  • VolShop
  • Student Health Center
  • Certain services in the UT Libraries
  • Off-Campus Merchants

What should I do when I get a new phone?

When changing phones, you must remove your VolCard from the old phone before adding it to a new phone.

To simplify adding your VolCard to a new phone, remove the VolCard from your old phone before replacing it. Access your VolCard using the Google Pay app, click on the menu icon, and then select “Remove ID.”

If you cannot remove your VolCard from your old phone, contact the VolCard Office to deactivate the card in Google Pay for that phone.

Can I use my VolCard without unlocking my phone?

By default, your Android VolCard can be used without unlocking your phone, but the phone must be powered on and “awake” (display active).

You can change this setting by turning on “Require device unlock for use.“ This allows your VolCard to be used only when the phone is unlocked by accessing your VolCard in the Google Pay Wallet. 

Can I use my Digital VolCard ID if my phone has a dead battery?

Your Android phone must have battery power, be powered on, and “awake” to use the VolCard.

Can I use VolCard in Google Pay without a cellular signal?

VolCards in Google Pay can be used even if your phone does not have network connectivity, as the VolCard is stored on your device.

I have a passcode on my phone. Will I have to enter it every time? 

If you have not enabled the “require device unlock for use” setting, you do not need to authenticate via passcode, fingerprint, etc.

If you have enabled the “require device unlock for use” setting, you will be required to authenticate via passcode, fingerprint, etc., each time you access your VolCard using Google Pay.

Note: The “Require device unlock for use” setting is turned off by default.

How do I use VolCard or Dining Dollars currency on my account from my phone?

Once you set up your VolCard in Google Pay, you can tap your device on the payment terminal to use your VolCard and Dining Dollars.


I lost my Android phone. What should I do?

During VolCard Office hours, contact the VolCard Office at 865-974-3430 to deactivate the card in the Wallet for that device. You can also report the phone lost or stolen online.

I cannot add my VolCard to Google Pay or have trouble using my VolCard via Google Pay.

Contact the VolCard Office for assistance.

VolCard Office Business hours | Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Who can help if my VolCard does not work to access campus buildings, residence halls, and Sorority housing?

For Campus Buildings: Contact UTPD Central Alarm at 865-974-0808.

For Residence Halls and Sorority Housing: Contact the Main Desk of your Housing Unit.

Additional Questions

Contact the VolCard Office at 865-974-3430 or email volcard@utk.edu

VolCard Office Business hours | Monday–Friday from 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Website: volcard.utk.edu

View the complete VolCard Terms and Conditions