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Canvas: Conversations

Information about Conversations in Online@UT (Canvas). ... canvas ... The Online@UT (Canvas) Messaging tool is called Conversations. Instructors and students may use this feature to send messages to other members of their courses. Messages in your inbox are referred to

Canvas Catalog

We at OIT are happy to assist you in offering a course or a program in Canvas Catalog, our outreach platform for non-degree instructional purposes. Please review the information about Canvas Catalog

Canvas: Inbox

Information about the Online@UT (Canvas) Inbox. ... canvas ... The Online@UT (Canvas) Inbox, located in the global navigation menu, is not intended to replace your email, but functions similar to email. Why Use Inbox When I Already Have Email? The

Canvas: Log In

How to log in to Canvas. ... canvas ... Instructions To log in to Online@UT (Canvas): Access the Online@UT (Canvas) web page   Click on the 'Login to Online@UT (Canvas)' icon as seen below   Enter your UTK

Canvas: Turnitin + Canvas Compatible File Types

Compatible file types between Turnitin and Canvas. ... canvas ... mind that Canvas does not support all file types that will generate a Turnitin Similarity Report, and Turnitin will not generate a report for Apple Pages. Compatible text files that can be uploaded to

Canvas: Submit Canvas Studio Media File as an Assignment

How to submit Canvas Studio media as an assignment. ... canvas ... Student submission of Canvas Studio media files can be done using Assignments, Discussions, and/or Quizzes. You can submit Canvas Studio media assignments via the web or the Canvas Student mobile app

Canvas: Add a Canvas Studio Media File to a Course

How to add a Canvas Studio video to a Canvas course site. ... canvas ... Visit our Adding a Canvas Studio Media File (Zoom Recording) to Your Course for step-by-step instructions.

Canvas: User Guide

User guide for Canvas. ... canvas ... Jump To Getting Started | Course Access | Preparing for Quizzes as a Student | Proctorio | Canvas Studio | Merging Course Sections | Copying Course Content into a New Course | Course Site

Canvas: Printed Manuals

Printed manuals for Online@UT (Canvas) guides. ... canvas ... You can access all of the Canvas Support documentation online at Canvas Guides | Instructure Community. You can also Download PDF Manuals to download printable manuals. NOTE: PDF manuals are updated every 12 weeks. For the most updated content, view the online version of the guides.

Canvas: Integrate with Google

How to integrate Google apps (i.e. Google Drive) into Canvas. ... canvas ... The Canvas integration of Google Apps makes it easier for instructors to include collaborations, content sharing, engaging course content, and assignment distribution directly within Canvas. The

Canvas: Not Receiving Notifications

How to edit Canvas Notification preferences. ... canvas ... Overview In Canvas, you must edit your Notification Preferences to indicate that you wish to receive copies of your own conversations; these are not sent by default. Canvas includes a set of

Canvas: Rename Course

How to rename a Canvas course ... canvas ... You can change the course name for any of your Online@UT (Canvas) course sites. Enter your Canvas course site. On the bottom left of the course navigation menu, click the Settings link

Zoom: Canvas Integration

Information about the Zoom/Canvas Integration and how to access course Zoom Cloud Recordings. ... canvas ... Zoom web interface at There is a third option available for instructors, though, and that is to integrate Zoom within the Canvas course. Before engaging this option, please

Canvas: Sharing Clickers

Information about students sharing clickers in Online@UT (Canvas). ... canvas ... The clicker device can be used by two students if: They are not enrolled in the same class.   The instructor is not using a merged/combined Online@UT (Canvas) course site (that is, each

Canvas: Roles and Permissions

Information about Canvas roles and permissions. ... canvas ... Overview Roles are collective sets of permissions and limitations placed on a user in Canvas.  Permissions are assigned to roles and allow users with those roles to access certain features and