What is the Online@UT (Canvas) Inbox?

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The Online@UT (Canvas) Inbox, located in the global navigation menu, is not intended to replace your email, but functions similar to email.

Why Use Inbox When I Already Have Email?

The messaging system in Online@UT (Canvas) makes it easy to manage conversations by course, by section, by group and/or by student without having to know their email address or the distribution list.

Here are some other reasons to consider using the Inbox for course-related correspondence:

  • You can send messages to an entire course, just a section, or a student without knowing their email addresses.
  • When a student emails you, you'll know exactly which course he/she is enrolled in. No more replying "Who is this?" or "Which course are you emailing about?"
  • Conversations are threaded and kept organized by student name. So if Cindy sent 7 separate messages last week, you will only see her name in your inbox once -- all correspondence will remain together.
  • Your messages can be written in text or be recorded as a video or audio directly from the new message interface.
  • All messages sent via the Grades will be archived in your Inbox.
  • All comments made on assignments through the SpeedGrader will be archived in your Inbox.
  • All discussion replies made in your course or group discussions will show up in your Inbox.


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Tue 10/20/20 12:04 PM