What are Conversations in Online@UT (Canvas)?

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Conversations is the messaging tool within Online@UT (Canvas). Instructors and students may use this feature to send messages to other members of their courses. Messages in your inbox are referred to as 'conversations'.

Canvas conversation-messaging is not the same as email. Rather, it is an internal messaging system that gives users the option to receive email, text-message, or other notifications when they receive conversation messages in their Online@UT (Canvas) inbox or when they are added to a conversation.

A notification contains a link to the conversation message. When users click on the link, they are prompted to log in to Online@UT (Canvas) to access the message.

Users can choose how often to receive notifications that they have a new message. Therefore, if you plan to use this as your main mode of communication with individual or groups of students, you'll want to let them know this and suggest to them that they keep their notifications set to ASAP or daily.


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Tue 10/20/20 11:57 AM