Proctorio: Create New Google Chrome Profile to Help Complete Proctorio Precheck


If only some (that is, not all) test takers in a Proctorio-enabled Quiz are having difficulty accessing the Quiz and/or are unable to complete the Proctorio precheck, then a step that could potentially help is for the affected student to create a new Google Chrome profile.

Creating a new Google Chrome profile will act as a three-in-one step, as it will:

  1. Clear Chrome's cache and cookies
  2. Remove any extensions that might be causing interference, and
  3. Require that the test taker download a "fresh" install of the Proctorio extension


To create a new profile in Google Chrome:

  1. On your computer, open Chrome.
  2. Click on the account user image icon in the top right corner of your browser screen by the three-dot ⋮ icon. (Mac users may need to click on the menu bar at the top right > select People first).
  3. Click Add.
    • If you choose to Sync to your Google Account, your profile name will automatically be your Account name.
  4. Choose a name, photo and color scheme.

A new Chrome window will pop up under the new account name. Closeout of the old Google Chrome window completely. On the new profile install Proctorio (

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