Google Drive: Check Your Quota

About Google Storage

Google’s storage is shared between Gmail, Drive, Photos, and other Google apps.

New Quotas Coming Soon

Google recently announced new tiered storage options for Google Workspace for Education, including Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos. The Office of Information Technology will update faculty, staff, and student quotas on December 19, 2022.

  • Faculty, Staff, and Graduate Students: 1 TB
  • Undergraduate Students: 100 GB
  • Other accounts: 100 GB
    • Friends of the University, including many emeritus faculty, adjunct faculty, and county-paid Ag Extension employees
    • Sponsored users
    • Departmental NetID*

If you need more space than Google provides, consider using Microsoft 365 services.  The standard quota for OneDrive for Business is 5 TB per account. For files shared among a group, up to 25 TB is available for a Microsoft Team. 

*New departmental NetIDs are not eligible for Google services.  OIT will work with any department utilizing these services to transition to alternate solutions.

Shared Drives

Quotas will be implemented in phase II.  Do not move your files to a Shared Drive to prevent you from moving them twice.

How your Google storage works

If you exceed your quota by 25% or for 14 days (whichever comes first), you will not be able to: ​

  • ​upload new files or images to Google Drive. ​
  • create files, such as Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc. And, until they reduce storage usage, nobody can edit or copy their affected files or submit forms owned by the user. ​
  • back up any photos and videos to Google Photos. ​
  • record new meetings in Google Meet. ​

​You will be able to:​

  • sign in to and access your UT Google account ​
  • view and download their files​
  • send and receive emails. ​

Visit Google's site for more information about how your Google storage works.


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