Microsoft OneDrive: Check Your Quota

About OneDrive Storage

OneDrive on your Mac, PC, Android, or iOS device gives you a single place to store and access your files from anywhere.

Microsoft recently announced new tiered storage options for OneDrive. The following quotas are in effect as of November 28, 2023.

  • Faculty, Staff, and Students: 5 TB
  • Other accounts: 100 GB
    • Friends of the University, including many emeritus faculty, adjunct faculty, and county-paid Ag Extension employees
    • Sponsored users
    • Departmental NetIDs
  • Max 100GB file size

Check Your OneDrive Quota

  1. To view your OneDrive quota, log in to your Office 365 account at with your (staff & faculty) or (students).
  2. Choose OneDrive.
  3. Select the Settings gear icon in the upper-right-hand corner and choose OneDrive Settings.
  4. On the OneDrive Settings page, choose More Settings on the left navigation, then under Features and Storage select Storage Metrics.


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Microsoft OneDrive

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