I'm an instructor and I'd like to share my Zoom Cloud Recording. How do I do that?

When the Zoom Cloud recording publishes to the cloud, Zoom will send the leader an email with a shareable link in it. If you're using the Canvas/Zoom integration, the Zoom Cloud Recording will appear on the Cloud Recording tab in the course site, and students access it from that location.

If you’d like to share, access, or manage your cloud recordings at any time, log in to our UT Zoom site to access a list of Zoom Cloud Recordings.

  1. Please go to https://tennessee.zoom.us and select "Create or Edit Account" to log in.
  2. Enter your NetID and password, and if prompted, authenticate to complete the log in process.
  3. Choose the Recordings menu item on the left.
  4. If necessary, select the Cloud tab at the top of the page. Your Zoom Cloud Recording list should appear.
  5. Select the recording on the list.
  6. Next, choose the Share icon on the top-right to explore options, including copying the shareable link, allow/not allow the recording to be downloaded, and setting an availability date.



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