Managing Two-Factor (Duo 2FA) for Departmental NetIDs


This article discusses how to add and manage two-factor for your departmental NetID. Only the account owner may make changes to the account.

How To

Add or Manage 2FA

  1. Go to the add or manage the phones/tokens page. 
  2. Sign in with your NetID & Password. 
  3. Select the NetID you would like to manage. 
  4. If 2FA is not set up, you will see a prompt to sign up for 2FA: 
  5. If 2FA is set up, you will see the phones and tokens added to the account.
  6. Click the corresponding Add button to add a phone or token. (Screen shot under step 9)
  7. Enter the NetID for the person you’d like to add and choose Confirm
  8. Select the device to add & choose Add.
  9. Once added, you can choose to Add/Delete a device, Manage Another account, or Logout.

Logging into the Account

  1. When logging into a system protected by 2FA, such as Microsoft 365, log in with the departmental NetID and password. 
  2. When prompted for Duo, select the appropriate device to receive the push from the dropdown list. If there are multiple phones or devices, you will see the device name or phone number.  After selecting your device, choose Send me a Push.
    • It may be helpful for each person to name their device in Duo. 
      1. Go to Add or manage the devices used for two-factor authentication.
      2. Authenticate with Duo. 
      3. Next to your device, choose Device Options > Change Device Name.
      4. Name the device and choose Save.


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Duo Two-Factor Authentication