PowerPoint Polling for PC using TurningPoint

Creating the Presentation

Add Question Slides

  1. Open TurningPoint and sign in to your account.
  2. Click PowerPoint Polling.
    PowerPoint opens with the TurningPoint ribbon.
  3. Open a new or existing PowerPoint presentation.
  4. Click New from the TurningPoint ribbon and select Multiple Choice.

    PowerPoint and TurningPoint menus
  5. Type the question and up to 10 possible answer choices.
  6. Click outside of the answer box.

Add Correct Answer Indicator or Objects (Optional)

  1. In the TurningPoint Slide Pane to the right of the slide, click to expand Scoring Options.
  2. Select the correct answer from the drop-down menu.
  3. Click Objects from the TurningPoint ribbon.
  4. Mouse over the Correct Answer Indicator and select the indicator of your choice.

    PowerPoint and TurningPoint Correct Answer Indicator image

Save the Presentation

  1. Save your PowerPoint presentation to the location you typically save your files.
  2. Close PowerPoint. The TurningPoint Dashboard opens.

Running the Presentation

  1. Plugin the receiver (if using clickers). If using mobile-only, skip this step.
  2. Open TurningPoint and sign in to your account.
  3. Verify the receiver connection and/or enable mobile responses.
  4. Select a course (optional).
  5. Click PowerPoint Polling.
  6. Open your presentation.
  7. Click Reset and select Session.

    PowerPoint and TurningPoint Reset Session image
  8. Start the Slide Show.
  9. Polling will open automatically on a question slide. Advance the slide to close polling and display the results. Continue advancing through the presentation.
  10. When finished running the presentation, click Save from the TurningPoint toolbar and select Save Session (if saving results is desired).

    PowerPoint and TurningPoint Save session image
  11. Close PowerPoint to return the TurningPoint dashboard.


Generating Reports

  1. From the TurningPoint Dashboard, select the Manage tab.
  2. Select the saved session from the left panel.

    Expand the associated course to view the session, or if a course was not used, locate the session below Auto.
  3. Click Reports in the center of the Session Overview pane.
  4. Select a report from the drop-down menu.

    TurningPoint Dashboard Reports image
  5. Click Close when finished.


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