PowerPoint: Compress Pictures

Microsoft products such as PowerPoint are immensely powerful tools that can enable users to create documents and presentations rich with photos and other images. A side effect of this ability is very large file sizes---especially when it comes to image-rich presentations. This has two consequences:

  1. It takes up valuable space in an Online@UT (Canvas) course site’s Files area.
  2. It makes it much harder for students to quickly and efficiently download and view the presentation.

However, Microsoft offers a setting in its Office products that allows instructors to keep high quality, image-heavy documents while still maintaining a smaller overall file size. The function is called Compress Pictures.

Please visit the following support guide for instructions on compressing pictures: Compress pictures to reduce the file size in Office

Even a simple reduction in image size from uncompressed to the “Print (220 ppi)” option using the Compress Pictures function can reduce a PowerPoint presentation by more than 90%!


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