Microsoft Teams: Take Control of a PowerPoint While Presenting


Are you tired of awkwardly asking your co-presenter in an online meeting to go to the next slide? In Teams, co-organizers of the meeting can pass control of the presentation back and forth throughout the meeting.


Requirements:Showing the Teams share menu. Go to the PowerPoint Live section and choose the PowerPoint you want to share.

  • Anyone who is presenting MUST be a co-organizer of the meeting.
  • For best results, the PowerPoint should be saved to OneDrive and opened recently prior to the presentation so it appears on the most recently opened list when sharing.

Here are your step-by-step Instructions:

  1. In a Teams meeting, go to the Share button.
  2. Scroll down until you see the PowerPoint Live section.
    • Select the recently opened PowerPoint that you wish to present
    • Note: this will automatically share sound for you if you have a video in the presentation
      (see image at right)
  3. When you are finished presenting, your co-organizer needs to select the Take Control button on their Teams window.

    choose the take control button to start controlling the PowerPoint shared by your co-presenter
  4. To take back control, on your screen, tap the Take Control button.
  5. Then choose Take Back.
    choose the take control button and then choose take back to start controlling the PowerPoint again


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