Microsoft Teams: Hidden Channels


Microsoft Teams allows you to have multiple channels to discuss different topics. As you get more and more channels, however, it can become difficult to keep track of all the conversations, especially if you are not actively involved in some of the discussions. You can hide channels that you do not need to see in order to help organize your view of the Team. These channels will only be hidden for you, not the rest of the Team. If you decide you want to see those channels later, you can simply choose to show them later.

Note: You cannot hide the General channel.

Instructions - Hiding a Channel

  1. Hover over the channel you wish to hide (remember you cannot hide the General channel).
  2. Select the ellipsis (...) menu.
  3. Choose Hide.

select ellipsis and hide

Instructions - Showing a Hidden Channel

  1. Select the hidden channels list.
  2. Hover over the channel you wish to show.
  3. Choose Show.

    select hidden channels and choose show
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