Microsoft Teams: Add Members to a Team


When creating a new team, you have the option of adding members right then, or you can add them at a later date. If you opt to add them at a later date, Microsoft Teams has made the process fast and easy. It should be noted that adding members to a Team is not limited to your organization; you can also add individuals outside of the organization as guests.


1. Select the Teams icon in your left-hand menu.

Teams Icon

2. Select the ellipsis (…) to the right of the Team's name or the ellipsis in the upper right corner of the Team’s card.

List View Teams icon  (List View Teams icon)

Grid View Teams Icon  (Grid View Teams icon)

3. Select Add Member.

4. Enter and select the name or email of the individual to be added. (If you are adding someone outside of your organization, enter their email address.)

5. Select Add. If you are a Member of the Team rather than the Owner, you will select Send Request.


If you are the Owner of the team, the individual will be added immediately.

If you are a Member of the Team rather than the Owner, your request will be sent to the owner for approval.


Managing your Team

Manage new or existing member's permissions from within the Manage Team option. Click he ellipsis (…) menu and then select Manage Team. If needed, additional members can be added from this location.

Within the Members List, you will see two groups, Owners and Members and Guests.

Select the Members and Guest toggle to open the list.

Toggle indicated for Member and Guest List

Changing Roles

Owners can also elevate a Member to Owner from this list by selecting the Member drop-down and selecting Owner.

Likewise, any Owner can be demoted by repeating this process and selecting Member. Guests can not be elevated to an Owner.

Selection for Member or Owner Role

Removing a Member

An Owner can remove any Member or Guest by selecting the X.

Team Member Options


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