Microsoft Teams: Share a File in a Chat


Microsoft Teams is not only a great application for communicating with others in your organization, but Teams Chat can also be a great place to share content within those conversations and foster a collaborative and efficient environment within which to work. Teams Chat allows chat participants to quickly and easily share files with others in the chat. These shared files are then accessible within the Files tab within the chat and can be accessed by all participants of the chat. Teams allows you to easily change permissions for these files allowing participants to view, suggest changes, or provide full editing permissions.


1. Within the chat entry box, select the Attach Files icon.

Attach File Icon

2. You will be provided two options for selecting a file:

a. Attach Cloud Files will allow you to access files from your OneDrive and other MS Teams.

b. Uploading from this device allows access to the file explorer on your device.

File Uploading Options

3. Navigate to the desired file, select the file, and select Attach.

4. The attached file will provide the name of the file as well as the permissions.

5. The default permission option is set to View. If you would like to change the permission to edit:

a. Select the People in this Chat with the Link Can View dropdown arrow.

Dropdown arrow for changing the file's permissions.

b. Under More Settings, select the Can View drop down.

c. Select Can Edit.

d. Select Apply.

Sharing Permission Options


6. Add a message if needed in the chat’s text entry box.

7. Select Send.


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