Microsoft Teams: Using @Mentions in Chats and Posts


When timely communication and prompt response is essential, use the @mentions feature. Whether you are reaching out to an individual, a select group of people in a channel, or your entire team, @mentions will help you target your communication to the right people. @mentions are an effective way to share information or solicit a fast response through Teams conversations.

Examples of @mention in action: 

@team — Highlight a quick update that gets the attention of your whole team.

Example: @team My meeting went long, and I need to move our meeting forward 15 minutes. I'll see you in Zoom at 2:15 p.m.

Begin your message by typing @team. Follow the suggested prompt and select the Team name. In this example, above, the choices are the whole team or the Team Owners. Proceed with your message, and then Send it.

@channel — A private Teams Channel can allow access to a subset group of people within your Teams site.

Example: @channel Hey, committee members, I added 3 more candidate files. Please review and rank them prior to our meeting on Tuesday. Thanks!!

Begin your message by typing @channel. Select from the suggested team member options within your Team. In this example, above, the choices are the whole team or the search committee channel that is limited to a select set of employees who are on the search committee.

After selecting Search Committee, the name of that channel is populated in the chat window. Proceed with your message and then Send it.

@netID — Anywhere within your team's communication Channels, group Chats, or Outlook email-based conversation, get the attention of a single team member while allowing others in your Teams site or group Chat to see that the project is moving forward.  

Example: @janesmith I've completed my review of the documents you posted. Let me know if you have any additional changes.

Begin your message by typing the @ symbol. The names and emails of all of the staff who have membership in that channel will pre-populate. Select the person to receive the targeted message.

Proceed with your message and then Send it. Everyone will see the message, plus the person mentioned will receive an alert.

By harnessing the power of @mentions, teams can increase their efficiency, productivity, and success by staying connected throughout the day, when providing a service, or working on a project.

Learn more with this @mention LinkedIn Learning video.

Start using @mentions today and unlock a new level of communication excellence!


To use @mentions follow these four simple steps:

  1. Type @ in the channel post or a chat

  1. Type the first few letters of the person's name, team, channel, or tagged group.

  1. Select the person, team, or channel from the resulting list.

  1. Repeat for as many people as you want to @mention.

Here are a few more examples:

  • @general to notify everyone in the general channel

  • @<team name> to notify everyone on that team

  • @<channel name> to notify everyone in that channel

  • @<team member> to notify an individual

If you're in a chat rather than a channel, you can notify everyone in the chat by typing @everyone in your message.

When an @mention recipient receives a notification, selecting it takes them directly to the point in the conversation where they were mentioned.


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