Microsoft Teams: Attendance


This brief article outlines the features of Microsoft Teams Attendance.


Ever need to easily find who attended a meeting? Or perhaps you need to know when they joined the meeting or when they left or need the emails of all attendees. Microsoft Teams provides access to this information in an Attendance List.

MS Teams meeting tab menu with Attendance

Once a meeting event is scheduled within Teams, open the meeting event on the Teams calendar. Here you will find a new tab for Attendance along the ribbon. Information on attendees will appear here once the meeting has concluded. From this tab, you also have access to an Excel file with additional data points to download.

If you need to take attendance during a meeting, you can download attendees’ information from the People tab via the ellipsis (…) or More Actions icon. Additionally, you will also find an Attendance file to download in the meeting’s chat once the meeting concludes.

Option to download an Attendance list during a Teams Meeting


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