Microsoft Teams: Delete Files in Chats or Channels


Did you know that in Microsoft Teams, channels that are part of a Team and chats that are stand-alone messaging instances don’t have the same features when it comes to handling files Channels, which are a more formal way to collaborate, have more features for modifying and changing files than chats which are a less formal way to collaborate. 


To delete a file in a channel:

  1. Go to the Files menu at the top of the channel
  2. Select the ... (ellipsis) menu
  3. Choose Delete

To delete a file in a chat:

ellipsis menu for deleting a chat file or chat in teams

  1. Find the chat where you shared the file.
  2. Select the ... (ellipsis) menu next to the chat message
  3. Choose Delete
    Note this will delete the entire message associated with the chat.
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