Gmail: Export Google Data (Google Takeout)


Google Takeout exports Google account data to a .zip file that can be saved and imported into another account. 


  1. Go to and sign in to your UTK Gmail account. 
  2. After you have signed in, click Deselect All.
    • Go through the list and check the box next to each option you would like to save. 
      Screenshot of the first step of the Google Takeout process with a red arrow pointing at Deselect all.
  3. Click Next Step after you have checked the boxes for the data you want to save.  
  4. Choose the destination you want the zip file saved to. 
    • You can choose to send a download link via email, or you can save it to a personal Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, or Box account. 
    • NOTE: If you choose to receive a download link, you will have one week to save the file. 
      Screenshot of the second step of the Google Transfer process.
  5. Choose the export frequency. 
    • We recommend the Export Once option. 
  6. Choose .zip for the file type. 
  7. Choose the file size. 
    • We recommend at least 10GB. 
  8. Click Create Export
    • The export can take a few minutes to several hours to finish depending on the amount of data being saved. 
    • You will receive an email notifying you when the export is finished. 
      Screenshot of the export progress message for the Google Takeout process.
  9. If you have chosen to receive a download link via email, open the email with the subject "Your Google data is ready to download" and click Download your files
    Screenshot of the email informing you that the export process has finished for the Google Takeout process.
  10. A browser will open to a Google sign-in page. Click Continue and sign in with your UT email and password. 
  11. The .zip file will automatically download after you sign in. Click on the download in the lower-left corner of your screen and save the file to your desired location. 




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