I'm a student and I need to record a presentation. Can I use Zoom for that?

Students may create a UT Zoom account, and engage Zoom for online group meetings, project meetings, and for recording a presentation. A presenter may engage Zoom to record a narrated slide show, with or without a webcam, for example. The tips below will be useful in getting started with LiveOnline@UT (Zoom).

Activate Your UT Zoom account

By creating a UT Zoom account with a NetID, students have access to many of Zoom's features, including cloud recording.

  • Please go to UT's Zoom Page and select "Create or Edit Account"
  • Enter a NetID and password to activate your UT Zoom account

Download and Install the Zoom application

Get the latest version of Zoom from the Zoom Downloads page and install it on your device. After installation, students may engage Zoom from the desktop or local device, or, log in to the UT Zoom page to start and/or record meetings and presentations/assignments.

Recording in Zoom

After logging in to the UT Zoom page or the Zoom desktop application (always choose the SSO option, and the domain name is tennessee), start a new instant meeting or schedule a meeting for a future date and time. Select the Schedule or Schedule a Meeting links on the desktop app or web interface, and start your session. The toolbar at the bottom of the screen can assist with setting up your mic and webcam, sharing content, and recording. The image below is an example of the toolbar in Zoom, with the Share Screen and Record icons.

An example of the Zoom Toolbar and the Record icon.

Recording to the Device (locally) or to the Zoom Cloud

You may wish to record to the cloud or to the local device. Your recording choice may depend on how you want the content to appear on the screen in the recording, with or without a webcam broadcasting. For content recording options, please review the Recording Layouts page.

  • Be sure to review the assignment guidelines and instructions provided by your instructor.
  • If you record to the Zoom Cloud, the recording may be shared with others via a link. The link is sent to the leader of the session via email after the recording has rendered in the Zoom cloud.
  • If you record locally, the recording will save to the local device. To share the MP4, upload it to a storage/sharing service, like Canvas Studio or Google Drive. Or, send the MP4 to others with vault.utk.edu.


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