Travel: Acting as a Delegate

Acting as a Delegate for Another Traveler/Approver

There are situations in Concur when a user needs to act on behalf of another traveler or an approver.  This allows a delegate to enter travel requests and expenses for another traveler.  It also allows an approval delegate to approve items for the named approver. 

The functionality to act on behalf of another user is found under Profile > Profile Settings.  Select ‘A Delegate for another user who has granted you this permission’.  Click in the search box and a list (all or partial) of the people for whom this user is a delegate will appear in a drop down.    To narrow the list, enter part of the name in the search box.  The user can then select the one on whose behalf they want to act.

After the appropriate person is selected, the upper right corner of the screen shows that the user is acting as that person.

The user can then perform functions for which they have been authorized.  These can include entering and managing travel requests and expense reports, preview approving, and approving.  Which actions are available to the user are based on the responsibilities the employee assigned to that user.

Confirming Delegate Access

A user can find out who they are a delegate for by looking at their profile.  Go to Profile > Profile Settings, then select Expense Delegates.  The second tab ‘Delegate For’ lists the people for whom the user can act.  The boxes checked indicate what actions the user can take on behalf of that person.

Removing Delegate Access

If a user no longer needs to be or wants to be a delegate for another traveler, the user can remove that access.  From the Delegate For tab, select the traveler for whom they are a delegate and click the Delete. Once removed, the user can no longer act as that traveler’s delegate.

screen shot of request delegates

To learn more about setting up delegates, see FAQ ”Travel: Creating a Request/Expense Delegate”.

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