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A preview approver in Concur is comparable to a reviewer in IRIS.  Reviewers for a funds center in IRIS are set up as preview approvers for the funds center approver in Concur.  The purpose of a preview approver is to review the request or expense report in advance of the cost object approver to verify the information in the request or expense, such as the funds are charged. 

An approver can set up a person as a preview approver in Concur under Profile > Profile Settings > Expense or Request Delegates.  The permissions in the following screen should be checked.  

Expense Delegates - Preview Approver

In IRIS, the workflow with a reviewer is sequential.  The request or expense report goes first to the reviewer (if one is defined for the funds center).  Only after the reviewer has marked it as reviewed does it go to the approver.  

Concur functions differently.  In Concur, when a request or expense report is submitted, it is available both to the approver and to the preview approver(s) at the same time.  All items are in the approver’s inbox.  The preview approver acts as the approver and sees all the same work items. 

To differentiate which requests or expense reports have been reviewed, there is a green check on the left of the request/report name.  After the preview approver has reviewed the item, they click on ‘Notify Approver’. 

NOTE:  The request/report is available to the approver at the same time as the preview approver.  The approver can approve/return the item without the preview approver having seen it.  The approver must look for the green check on the left before approving the item. 

To review a request or expense report, the preview approver first acts on the behalf of the approver.  See FAQ “How to act on behalf of another traveler/approver?”

screen print of Acting as other users











The preview approver will then see all items awaiting approval for the approver. 


After the review is complete, the preview approver clicks ‘Notify Approver’.  This adds the green check to the left of the item signaling the approver that the item has been reviewed.


At the same time, an email is sent to the approver to let them know an item has been reviewed:

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