Processing Guest Travelers and Their Travel

A guest traveler is a person who travels on behalf of the University, but who is not an employee of the University.  Guests travel for many purposes, including guest speakers, interviewees for UT positions, meetings, research collaborationA person must be set up in IRIS as a guest traveler if they are going to be directly reimbursed for travel or if they are a non-US Citizen. 

To set up a guest traveler in IRIS, use transaction “ZPHRRECORD000 - Record Friend / Employee / Traveler”.  This will allow the user to process travel for the guest in Concur.  When a user creates a guest traveler in IRIS, the user will automatically be set up as a delegate for the guest. The user’s responsible cost center will be the default Concur profile fund to which expenses will be charged.  The default profile fund can be changed at any time. 

If the guest already exists and a new delegate wants to be added, additional delegates can be added in IRIS using transaction “ZHR_UPDATE_GT - Update Friend Data for Concur”.   The transaction will default to the person adding the guest. There is no limit to the number of delegates a guest can have. 

Any changes to the guest traveler, such as name, address, citizenship, are made in IRIS and are transferred to Concur automatically.  Changes made to existing guests will be in Concur the following day.  New guests can take up to two to three business days before they are fully loaded to Concur.

In Concur, the delegate will use the Act-as functionality to process travel for a guest. 

Requests and expense reports are processed the same for a guest traveler as for any other traveler.  All expenses will be out-of-pocket and the receipts will need to be uploaded to Concur.  Guest travelers are not eligible for travel cards.   Any airfare or other expenses charged on a centrally-held travel card must be processed by the cardholder.

A delegate must submit the expense report for the guest traveler.  Guest travelers cannot log into Concur.  

If you have questions or need additional assistance utilizing the University’s travel system, please contact


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