Canvas: Microsoft Immersive Reader

The Microsoft Immersive Reader is a tool built into Canvas that implements proven techniques to improve reading and writing for people regardless of their age or ability. The key features include reading text out loud, breaking words into syllables, and increasing space between lines and letters.

As a Microsoft product, the Immersive Reader is found only on Canvas Pages. This feature has been enabled in our Canvas system upon instructor request. The Immersive Reader provides improved accessibility and reading comprehension giving users the ability to:

  • Change font size, text spacing, and background color
  • Split up words into syllables
  • Highlight verbs, nouns, adjectives, and sub-clauses
  • Choose between two fonts optimized to help with reading
  • Read text aloud
  • Change the speed of reading
  • Highlight sets of one, three, or five lines for greater focus
  • Select a word to see a related picture and hear the word read aloud as many times as necessary
  • Translate a word or entire Canvas Page and play audio in the chosen language

How do I use the Microsoft Immersive Reader?

When viewing a Canvas content page learners can click the Immersive Reader button in the upper right corner of the page to access the tools:


The Microsoft Immersive Reader displays a variety of tools and options to enhance your reading experience.

You can manage text, grammar, and reading preferences using the toolbar [1]. To expand the reader display, click the Full Screen button [2].

To hear the page text read aloud, click the Play button [3]. To adjust audio settings, click the Voice Settings button [4].

To close the reader and return to Canvas, click the Exit button [5].


Additional Resources

For more information about the reader, visit the Microsoft Immersive Reader website.

Canvas Guide: Microsoft Immersive Reader for Instructors

Canvas Guide: Microsoft Immersive Reader for Students

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