Zoom: Find Link for Class Meeting

Instructors may post information regarding the online classroom in the course syllabus, and/or in an Announcement in the Online@UT (Canvas) course.

If the instructor engages the Canvas/Zoom integration in the course site, students will receive a notification when a new online class link is created (this method of scheduling a session is optional. Instructors may also schedule a session in Zoom and copy/paste a link into the course).

Here are some options for checking for more information about your online class.

  • Check the Online@UT (Canvas) course.
    • Is the syllabus posted? If so, review it and check for meeting times, a link, and so on.
    • Are there any new Announcements from the instructor?
    • Is the Zoom menu item available on the left? This option for scheduling a Zoom session within the course is optional, and instructors may engage it to schedule their class sessions directly within the Canvas course. If the Zoom item is listed, select it, and check the tab for Upcoming Meetings.


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