I'm an instructor and I scheduled my LiveOnline@UT (Zoom) sessions via the Canvas/Zoom integration. I can't find all of my Zoom Cloud recordings listed in the integration. Where are they?

By default, the Canvas/Zoom integration includes a list of the Zoom Cloud recordings completed within that course site, via the integration.

  • For example, the integration would not include a list of Zoom Cloud recordings for another class or group meeting, or, recordings completed via the Zoom desktop application or via our UT Zoom page at tennessee.zoom.us.

Zoom Cloud recording files are available via the website interface, however.

To access a list of cloud recording files, including chat files and transcripts (if applicable), please go to tennessee.zoom.us. Select Create or Edit Account to login. Next, choose Recordings, and then locate then select the recording you would like to access.


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Thu 5/20/21 1:32 PM
Tue 7/20/21 4:10 PM