Adobe: Creative Cloud Eligibility

Eligibility* for Adobe Creative Cloud through the University's contract is based on primary affiliation. Sponsored users, regardless of campus and being on a university-owned machine, are not eligible for Adobe.  Please note: If, at any point, your status changes and you are no longer eligible for Adobe Creative Cloud, your account will be terminated. Once this happens, any files stored in Adobe Cloud storage will be lost and cannot be recovered. For this reason, we do not recommend storing any data in the Adobe Cloud.

*UTK, UTIA, and UTSI employees must purchase a license before accessing Adobe's creative cloud for individual use. Lab administrators will also need to purchase lab licenses to install the software on lab computers; eligible faculty, staff, and students may use the labs without purchasing individual licenses. Purchasing information is available on OIT's Adobe website

Adobe: Creative Cloud Desktop Install Instructions  |  Adobe: Sign In or Out of Your UT Adobe Account

Creative Cloud for Individual Use

Faculty and Staff

Most active faculty and staff are eligible for Adobe Creative Cloud.  However, several groups of employees are not included in this offering, including:

  • Employees with a special appointment (subgroup 40)
  • Pending Employees for UTSA, UTHSC, and UTS
  • Emeritus faculty and retirees
  • Ushers
  • Friends of the University, including many adjunct faculty and county-paid Ag Extension employees
  • UTMCK leased employees
  • Sponsored users


Generally, Creative Cloud is not available for students individually. Access to Creative Cloud is available in the OIT Computer Labs. Student employees needing access to Creative Cloud can contact their department to purchase at the department's discretion.

Sponsored Users and Employees with a Special Appointment (subgroup 40)

Sponsored users and employees hired in a special appointment status, regardless of campus and being on a university-owned machine, are not eligible for Adobe. Departments may need to recode the employee's appointment if access to Adobe is required. 

If your department can't change your appointment, purchasing a Student-Teacher license at a discounted rate from Adobe is another alternative.  You can ask your department to reimburse you for the license. Information about personal subscriptions is available on Adobe's website,

Creative Cloud in the Labs

All active students and any Adobe-eligible faculty or staff member are eligible to use Adobe Creative Cloud in the computer labs.

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